Working FROM HOME Team Building Entertainment

Working FROM HOME Team Building Entertainment

How can Working FROM HOME Team Building Entertainment be carried out?

How has the pandemic affected team bonding at work?

Many employers will have a hard time trying to figure out working from home team building entertainment. That’s why, Streets United are on hand to help with providing a variety of team building entertainment options.

Getting the blood pumping whilst working from home

Most people have got into the habit of becoming quite lazy working from home in that they don’t move around much at all. At least every 40 minutes you should get up and move around according to most studies. What better way to do this than by having a team exercise activity? This doesn’t have to be about jumping around, it can be something very simple.

 What exercises can be done whilst working from home?

There are many different types of short exercises that can be done. Something as simple as doing tricep dips on your chair or push-ups against the wall (much easier than on the ground). You can do simple leg exercises too such as leg lifts whilst sitting on your chair or calf raises against the wall or even pushing up your feet whilst on the floor just to get a bit of elevation. You can even organise competitions and do mini workouts with your colleagues to see who finishes first in an allocated amount of time. There can be a prize or incentive to make it more competitive.

Working FROM HOME Team Building Entertainment
Team skipping

The great thing about these mini workouts is that anyone both fit or not can take part. They are simple and fun exercises just to get everyone involved.

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