Top 5 Entertainers for STREET PROMOTIONS

Top 5 Entertainers for STREET PROMOTIONS

What is predicted to be the Top 5 Entertainers for STREET PROMOTIONS this year?

How can STREET PERFORMANCES put on better performances in this day and age?

The top 5 entertainers for STREET PROMOTIONS this year are out of this world. At Streets United we offer everything from dancers to musicians to sports freestylers to drones. You name it, we’ve probably got it. We’ve put together a list of what we predict to be the top entertainers for this year for street promotions.

3D Interactive Artwork for Street Promotion

Our most popular 3D interactive artwork is usually displayed in a cornered off part of a street so passers-by can have a good look. These artworks are so realistic that is makes you feel you are in the scene. This is drawn on with chalk and can last a few weeks depending on weather and footfall.

Roller Skate Entertainers  

These entertainers literally just skate on by whilst performing various tricks. This can be anything from a moonwalk to a slide to sometimes even a flip on skates. You have to see them to believe what they can do.

High Wire Entertainers

This is usually performed where there is space above a high street walkway. These professional entertainers are very daring as they either walk or run across the wire. They perform tricks such as somersaults or even balancing on top of one another. You’ll be blown away by what they can do whilst on a thin wire.

Sports Freestylers

This can be in the form of football, basketball, tennis or even rugby freestylers, basically anything to do with a ball. They perform tricks like around the world and flares on the ground around the ball. They can be a solo or group act. The more of them the more exciting the performance.

Power Rise Entertainers

Power rising can be performed on the streets as live stage entertainment or for live street marketing campaigns. The kangaroo like apparatus that the artists wear on their feet can propel them to heights of up to 2m in the air. Power risers are a huge attraction grabber on the and it is an absolutely gob smacking experience for any person watching. 

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