Branded 3D Street Art

Have you ever seen 3D Art Live?

Are you in need of ideas for a branding event?

Hopefully you’ll be inspired by our Branded 3D Street Art!

Brand name 3D street art
Brand name 3D street art
Incredibly creative three-dimensional artwork on the street are what these talented artists are famous for. Their ability to create and design a 3D drawing on the floor and present it as an interactive piece of art where people can take pictures and themselves next to or ontop of this 3-D piece of art as if they were actually in and apart of the piece of artwork. 3D street art drawings can be created and designed for a particular event or promotional campaign. The main aim at any event or promotional campaign is for people to get pictures taken with the piece of 3D artwork and publish it to social media. This as you can imagine creates a frenzy of social interaction. The 3D artwork can either be created gradually as live entertainment or alternatively created off-site and printed onto a water proof canvas. PREVIOUS EVENTS or CAMPAIGNS 3D street art work has been used for a variety of product launches, promotional campaigns, marketing street campaigns and various events worldwide. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: – A dry flooring or surface – a well-lit area – some barriers to cordon off the area where the artwork is being created. For any further details regarding branded 3D artwork please contact: Streets United
UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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