Aerial LED Drum Stage Entertainers

Aerial LED Drum Show

What would it be like to see aerial LED drum stage entertainers in action?

Do you think entertainment acts these days are boring?

If it’s unique you’re after, then this entertainment group is definitely what you will get. These aerial LED drummers are absolutely incredible performers to watch. Although you might get a neck ache from looking at the performers as they aerial above your heads, it will be well worth your time attending the event.

Aerial Drum Stage Entertainers for Events

These aerial LED drum stage entertainers can perform in groups of both just males or just females as well as combos. They are very versatile entertainers to have at your event as they can perform above any other act on stage below them. They will certainly be the aerial LED light of the party.

Event Types

Being such a versatile group, these aerial LED drumming performerscan perform at any event where they can rig their equipment from the roof or structured scaffolding. They have performed at many different venues including boxing arenas, hotel conference rooms and musical arenas alike.

Aerial LED Drum Stage Group for Corporate Events

Location of Events

As this aerial LED drum stage group represents such world class performers, they have attended events of huge attendees. They not only perform for large crowds, they can put on a show for smaller audiences too.

Stage Performance for Special Events

The aerial aspect of these entertainers is not just what makes them special. The fact that they aerial above using LED lighting also adds a great visual effect to the show. All in all it is a great experience to see these performers in action at any event.

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