MOTORBIKE Stunt LED light Ramp Show for EVENTS

LED light bike show choreography

Do you want to see motorbike stunt LED light ramp show for any of your events?

What stunt entertainment shows would you like to see at an event?

Motorbikes are fun to ride, but when you see a motorbike stunt LED ramp show for events then you’ll be blown away! The stunt performer or performers can create an incredible atmosphere at any event or function you may have. The stunt riders have the abilities to do all sorts of tricks and stunts on any type of motorbike.

The crowds will be mesmerised by the pure talent these motorbike stunt performers have. The wow factor is not only the stunts these performers do, but also the vibrant LED costumes makes the act a lot more attractive.

LED stunt riders
LED stunt riders for entertainment

Event Type

The motorbike stunt LED ramp show for events to have a mixed bag of tricks when performing. These consist of anything from a back and front wheel balancing act; whilst the motorbike in on one wheel the can do a combination foot and hand. It doesn’t just have to be a group of motorbike stuntmen or women who perform at your events.  There can be a synchronised show, solo riders or you could request a themed show that relates to your event.  These acrobatic motorbike stunt performers can perform these impressive stunt shows with no hassle.

Acrobatic LED stunt riders
Acrobatic LED stunt riders

Location of Events

These motorbike stunt LED ramp show for events provide amazing entertainment for any type of sporting or motorbike event. They can perform at private functions, corporate events, festivals and exhibitions.

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