Female Aerial ACROBATIC SHOW For Events

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Are you looking for a female aerial ACROBATIC SHOW for events?

Do you require a specialist female acrobat to perform a hanging ACROBATIC SHOW at your event?

The specialist female aerial ACROBATIC SHOW for events has been performed at such a variety of events and spectacular occasions.


This unique aerial ACROBATIC SHOW is set apart from many other aerial ACROBATIC SHOWS simply because it is using a what looks like a glass ball hanging from a ceiling.

The professional female acrobatic entertainer has performed at many events in the past some of them including product launch events, private events, company corporate events and exhibitions and conferences.

Using a Ball with in Aerial Act

The huge sphere or otherwise known as a perspex bowl that is cut in half is used as the unique prop for the aerial ACROBATIC SHOW. The specialist female aerial acrobat creates her movements and performs her show high up in the air opening and closing the specially made perspex ball. This specialist acrobatic prop can be suspended at a minimum of 10 feet above the ground or alternatively can be suspended very high in the air from a crane or from a high ceiling.

The perspex bowl can be branded or have some sort of imagery placed on it but the most important thing is that the acrobat needs to be able to look from the Inside out in order to perform certain movements.

Indoor or Outdoor Performance

The specialist female aerial ACROBATIC SHOW for events can be performed either indoors or outdoors. Usually at an indoor venue there has to be a ringing point that needs to be present in order for the acrobat to setup her rig. For an outdoor venue or performances the aerial acrobatic equipment needs to be able to hold a certain weight bearing in order for this performance to be secure and safe.

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