LED Acrobatic Performers

LED Light Show Stunts

Would lit up LED acrobatic performers be a highlight at your event?

Would you like an acrobatic entertainment show for your event?

It seems as if the world is going digital and LED crazy, because gone are the days where a plain acrobatic or contortion entertainment entertain guests at an event. Entertainers and performers around the world have adapted there shows to have LED lighting suits and also LED light decorated equipment which simply gives an incredible vibrant element to the acrobatic performance.


These particular LED acrobatic performers are better known as power risers or power bockers and German wheel acrobatic entertainers.


Special Designed Shows

Specifically coordinator and choreographed shows can be produced by these LED acrobatic performers where they can either perform in sync with each or create a choreographed show that can be performed on a stage, around a product or whilst a person is singing live on stage. The LED lighting can also be choreographed and coordinated according to the colour theme of the event or the colour of the brand that the show is being performed for.

The LED acrobatic performers can also perform alongside other entertainment groups such as dance performers or aerial acrobats for example and can accompany them with their performance.


Types Of Events

The professional and quite famous LED acrobatic performers have as you can imagine entertained at  a variety of different events these include live TV Productions, car launches, product or brand promotions and at shopping centre events. They can also and have also created LED light shows on the street for guerrilla marketing campaigns.

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