Acrobatic Hoop LED Light Entertainer

Entertainer with LED Hoops

How does an acrobatic hoop LED light entertainer perform their show?

Do you want something with LED lights to be a spectacle of entertainment at your event?

Whether it is a launch party or a private event that has a colour theme the LED hoops that the acrobatic hoop LED entertainer uses to perform with can be programmed to illuminate a certain colour. The visual aspect of the actual LED hoop show is one of the most intriguing light illuminating shows to be performed.


Whether it is one LED hoop or 4-5 LED hoops the way the acrobatic hoop LED entertainer uses the LED hoops to perform captures a watching audience’s attention.

Color Programming

The LED hoops have been previously been pre-programmed for a variety of events including having a mix of multi colours for an eBay event, an electrifying blue colour that was pre-programmed for a Facebook event.

LED hoops have even had additional elements added to it when performing at a Mercedes-Benz event and the colour of the LED hoop was a silver, white colour that was pre-programmed specifically for a Mercedes-Benz launch event.

Multiple Hoop Entertainers

A performance does not have to consist only of a solo acrobatic hoop LED entertainer. The LED hoop show can be performed by between 3-5 other LED hoop acrobatic entertainers.

The presence of more LED hoop Acrobat performers gives more of a wow factor show. An LED hoop show can also be combined with other laser or LED light performances or alternatively can accompany a dance group or a music group on stage.

Acrobatic hoop LED entertainers have also accompanied artists at concerts, performed walkabout entertainment at events and also created a visual flashmob spectacle for outdoor events and marketing campaigns.

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