Laser Harp Entertainer

Laser Harp Entertainer Show

What exactly is a laser harp entertainer?

Are you looking for an illuminated laser light musical show?


This is one of the very few and unique types of musical entertainment shows that coordinate lasers with sound. When the laser harp entertainer places their hand over a laser beam a sound is initiated.

As you can imagine the presence of 7-8 laser beams projecting up to the ceiling is already and electrifying site. When the harp laser entertainer touches the first laser beam and plays a sound any audience that is watching is immediately drawn to see how the laser harp is played and who is producing the sounds.

How the Show Works

The laser harp show works with an underlying laser that is installed beneath the laser entertainer. It has choreographed lighting laser beams that have been coordinated and programmed into the computer system and the actual laser harp show has been rehearsed and performed a number of times before the actual live performance.

The platform that the laser harp entertainer stands on is usually a transparent glass platform that is either brought to the event venue or is constructed and built at the venue depending on the location of the event.

The spectacle that the harp entertainer creates whilst performing the show is all down to the actions movements and also the music that is being played.

Different types of audiences and events

The laser harp entertainer has performed for variety of different types of audiences and events some of these events include cocktail parties, private house parties, Bar Mitzvah or bat Mitzvahs, corporate dinner events and award ceremonies.

No matter the age of the watching audience the laser harp entertainer captivates absolutely any type of audience from any age or cultural background.


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