Entertainment ACTIVITIES For Football Themed Events

INCREDIBLE Football themed Entertainment

Do you want some amazing entertainment activities for football themed events?

Is it engaging entertainment that you’re after for your football event?

These are some of the most wanted and most enjoyed football activation games or activities that have never been invented. These particular activities and games have been set up for some of the world’s top sporting football events .


Speed Cage– Target Games

For the accuracy related entertainment activities for football themed events these include a speed cage which basically measures the speed of the ball that is kicked at the speed target. It is a speedometer that picks up the speed of the ball and can show on an LED screen behind the actual shooting target the speed that the person has kicked the ball at.

Target related games are inflatable set ups that have holes in them and guests can test their accuracy skills and how well they can shoot a ball into a small target hole.

Both these different types of games can be branded however the client or event would prefer it to be branded.


Each of these games can also have a ranking system whereby there is a list of the players that have previously played on the game and achieved the highest speed or the most successful targets shot in to can have the name placed at the top of the leaderboard which is visual to all players who come and have a go on the game.


Panna Cage – Football Pool

The other entertainment activities for football themed events include the Panna cage which is a small cage that two people have a one-on-one battle against each other with the aim of either trying to get the ball into the goal or get the ball through the opponents legs which is better known as a panna.

Football pool is the other unique and very different type of game that can be played by all ages and it is a huge table that people play pool on using their feet. Both games are totally unique and perfect engaging games as entertainment activities for football themed events.

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