Violin Laser Music Show

Violin - Laser Performer

Have you ever seen a violin laser music show?

What visual impact does a violin performance have over a normal performance?

This ingenious idea of playing the violin with a laser element to it has certainly revolutionized the way a violin show is performed. The professional violin artist has taken her normal violin show and created something very unique the violin laser show that the artist performs is visually incredible.

Types of events

The violin laser music show concept all began when this violin artist wanted to be more visual on stage from a distance.

By adding the laser and LED light aspect to her show the violin artist could be seen and could perform for audiences from absolutely any distance.

Since the violin laser show was created the show has been performed at a variety of different events these include conferences, dinner galas, exhibitions, private dinner parties and corporate events.

The Show

The violin laser music show has an incredible impact and is usually performed from between 5 to 10 minutes. The show can be performed with a variety of elements added to it for example background LED screen visuals or playing with other musicians or alongside other live entertainers.

Combination with other musicians

The combination of the violin laser music show performed alongside other musicians is usually one of the most spectacular as other musicians for example LED drummers, LED or laser harp performance produce some incredible synergies between the different musicians and artists.

This violin laser show in particular has been performed at prestigious events that include award ceremonies, stadium openings, concert performances and royal events.

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