LED Drumming – Animation Entertainment Show

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What does animation have to do with LED drumming?

How can LED Drumming – Animation Entertainment Show make an impact on my event?

This new concept of LED Drumming has a number of advantages to it including MASSIVE brand awareness possibilities, ENTHRALLING interaction potentials with people attending any type of event and above all super techno entertainment.



Where can the LED Drumming – Animation Entertainment Show be performed

The light and heart beat throbbing percussion show can be performed at a variety of venues and events and has caught audiences hearts at stadiums, indoor halls, festivals, product launches, weddings and corporate events. With the ability to adapt to any kind of themed event the LED Drumming – Animation Entertainment Show has proven to be a joy to work with for event production companies and event managers world wide.

Projection of the onscreen images or logos can happen from anywhere, and has previously been set up 50m away from a stadium and the images projected on LED screens within a stadium for audiences in a stadium to be livened up and entertained but the LED Drumming – Animation Entertainment Show.

Animation for Special Events

A special message at a wedding event for the bride and groom, some shoutouts at a conference or a logo being animated for a car launch. All of these elements and MUCH more can be implemented into the LED Drumming – Animation Entertainment Show 


Here below are some samples of what has been created for past events.


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