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Speed painter Entertainer

What exactly does a live art entertainer do?

Does a live art entertainers work consist of painting and glitter?

There are a variety of different live art entertainers in this world but the most intriguing and energetic of them all is the glitter speed painter. This live art entertainer can finish a portrait or a picture of a logo or product within 5 minutes. The whole show is performed to a lively piece of music where the artist begins to animate himself and the painting that he is creating.


Sometimes a watching audience doesn’t know exactly what the live art entertainer is creating right up until the reveal of the painting. The reveal of a live art entertainer‘s painting can either be when he turns it from being upside down to the right way up or throws glitter over it.


Glitter Spectacle


The creation of a glitter painting or otherwise known as speed glitter painting by a live art entertainer begins by the artist creating some patterns on the blank canvas using a sticky glue substance. The patterns of the sticky glue substance can only visually be seen by the watching audience when light is shone onto the blank canvas. During the creation of the glitter painting the artist continues to be animated and keeps on intriguing the watching audience.

The big build up to the reveal of the finished painting is when the live art entertainer throws a bucket or a container of glitter all over the finished creation to reveal the glitter speed painting.


Faces, Portraits, Products


What kinds of creations can be painted by the live art entertainer? These vary from faces of people to faces of couples if it is a wedding and even images of products, objects and building fronts as well as a city skyline.

Previous events that the live art entertainer has performed at include private parties where guest portraits have been painted, the opening of a shopping mall and the launch of a new perfume product.

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