Kids Art Entertainer

Kids Art Performer

What is a kids art entertainer?

How can an artist entertain children at a kid’s party?

Any type of entertainer is theoretically an artist but when it comes to creation of art then the most entertaining live entertainer is using recognised as a kids art entertainment. This particular art entertainer creates a picture or a theme that relates to the birthday party whether it be an animation character or the actual portrait of the birthday boy or girl with a cartoon or animation theme to it. The creation of the painting by the kids art entertainer can take between 5 to 10 minutes.


The live art painting is performed to some lively animation music that the artist will perform to whilst creating the piece of art.

Characters & Themes

Absolutely any type of theme or character can be painted by the kids art entertainer.

If it were a Marvel themed event or party or a Disney themed event or party, a character that resembles a character from a Marvel movie or a Disney animation movie can be created.

The kids art entertainer usually dresses according to the theme and like his colourful creations his outfits can also be coordinated with the theme of the party or event.

There is also the option of having one, two or three different characters created all at the same time.


Involvement of Birthday girl or boy


Should there be the requirement of involving the birthday boy or girl or the special guest of the event the kids art entertainer can bring up on stage during his performance that special guest. The special guest, birthday boy or girl can add or contribute to the live art that is being created by either  adding some colour to one piece of the painting or putting a painted hand mark on the painting  to resemble a signature.

The kids art entertainer can also include in the final creation the name of that special person, birthday boy or girl.

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