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Book Launches Entertainment for events

Can I get choreographed entertainment for book launches?

What types of entertainment are there for my book launch?

Book launches are very special events or occasions as it can either be the first book launch that you might be having or it could be 1 of 50 book launches whatever the number a book launch is always a momentous occasion.


We have over the years supplied a number of different types of entertainment for book launches around the world. From American authors launching their book in Europe to Australian authors launching their book in Australia or even Middle Eastern book authors launching their book on small islands.


Choreography Customisation

Entertainment for book launches can be choreographed specifically to the type of book that is being launched or the theme or storyboard of the book. This specific book launch in the video that can see the entertainment for book launches that was adapted was the flipping of pages as if displaying a summary of what the book contained. Otherwise known as projection mapping entertainment.

The professional dancers and acrobats that were involved in this book launch had to choreograph their movements with the timing of the book pages being flipped. The artist’s involved in the entertainment for this book launch rehearsed the show many days before the actual book was launched in order to have a show that was polished to perfection.

Entertainment for book launches can be specifically customised according to the type of book that is being launched.


Optional Entertainment Concept

They can either be one entertainer that is chosen for entertainment for book launches or several performers that can put together a choreographed storyboard that can be performed at the book launch or on a stage or alternatively on the street as a form of marketing and advertising awareness of the book that is being launched.


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