4D Projection Mapping Dance Show

4D Projection Mapping Dance

What is a 4D projection mapping dance show?

How did 3D become 4D and what is the difference?

Well the answers to the questions above are simple. With the innovation in projection and animation technology, objects that were previously projected as 3D visuals have now with the ability of animation become 4D. This means that the 3D object is now projected as a moving object that can be played around with visually.

This group of dancers have created an incredible 4D projection mapping dance show that captures the attention of anybody that is watching. The way the dancers interact with the animated images and projections on the back screen give an additional LIVELINESS to any normal dance or projection show.

Enhancing Products or Brands

Fashion brands, technology brands, vehicle and motorbike brands have used this 4D projection mapping dance show to launch their products or to create a spectacle around their brand messaging at events that they have put on.

The ability to play or animate a brands logo or a product with the dance show has created a new dimension and is what makes this 4D projection mapping dance show EXTRAORDINARY.

Various custom-made shows have been performed for brands such as Samsung, Hitachi, Daikin, Ricoh, Pepsi and Toyota just to name a few.

Technical Requirements

Depending upon the amount of dancers that perform the actual show the stage and the projection screen sizes vary.

For high quality visual shows it is suggested to use an LED screen as a back screen. But if this is not possible then a projector with a white screen is fine.

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