Tight Wire Motorbike Stunt Show

Bike Stunt Show

Are you looking for a stunt that involves a motorbike?

Does a motorbike on a tight wire sound daring enough?

If there is anything that captures and audiences from a distance and at a height, it is certainly this tight wire motorbike stunt show.

Being suspended 20 feet up in the air and hanging from a bike on a wire creates an incredible spectacle for anybody watching. This tight wire motorbike stunt show is performed by a professional bike rider that has been doing the show for over 10 years.

Previous Events

Previous events that this tight wire motorbike stunt show has been performed at include festival gatherings, PR events, brand awareness campaigns and large sporting events.

The tight wire motorbike stunt show is usually an element of surprise when performed as not many people would expect a motorbike to be suspended from a wire. The performance usually starts with some dramatic music followed by either a spotlight shone onto the tight wire if it is a night performance or some people pointing upwards to the tight wire where the motorbike stunt performer begins his show.

Performances can last from between 5 to 10 minutes all depending on the type of build-up required and the impact that the show needs to have on the watching audience.

Technical Requirements

The tight wire motorbikes stunt show usually requires too strong and sturdy rigging points that the suspended cable can be connected to. These two stage rigging points can either be scaffolding, building structures, cranes or anything that can hold the minimum weight bearing requirements of the motorbike and the stunt performer.

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