Live Motorbike Stunt Show for Events

Stunts for Exhibitions in Asia

What does a live motorbike stunt show consist of?

What makes a bike stunt show so spectacular?

Below is some brief information of what goes into making live motorbike stunt shows.

Stunts for Exhibitions in Asia
Stunts for Exhibitions in Asia

But behind all the extremeness there is some amazing creative talent that makes up a motorbike stunt show. The numbers of hours and years of practice that have been put into creating such amazing motorbike stunts and tricks is just absolutely priceless.

This particular live motorbike stunt show is performed by one of Europe’s most professional and most recognized bike stunt artists. His talents and extreme motorbike skills and stunts have taken him to perform in various countries around the world.


Types Of Stunt Shows & Events

This live motorbike stunt show can adapt itself according to the atmosphere or the type of event.

If the setting or atmosphere already has some permanent fixtures or structures, for example – stairs, boxes, containers or cars then the bike stunt rider can utilize the objects and structures within the setting or performance space.

If there are no fixed structures or set ups in the performance space, the live motorbike stunt show performer can bring his own props and stage structure setup… please see pictures below.

Technical Requirements

– a dedicated performance area that has a space of minimum 10 metres by 10 metres

– crowd barriers that separate the watching audience from the performance space

– A PA system for live commentary or a sound system to play some music

For more information about a live motorbike stunt show for events please contact

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UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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