Laser Light Violin Show For Events

Violin Laser LED Show

What is a laser light violin show?

How does a laser violin show entertain guests at an event?

Some pointers and tips on what exactly a laser violin light show is and how it is performed are better explained down below.


The aspect of a violin and using lasers has totally changed the way a violin can be played.

It brings about a very dynamic and unique aspect and display of pure musical elegance and light entertainment.

This laser light violin show is extremely visual, so much so that it can be visually seen from over 50m away meters away.

This laser light show is only performed by female musical entertainers.

It can either be performed by an individual female violinist a duo or alternatively a trio.

Having one violin laser light musical entertainer certainly does keep a crowd entertained. But by having two or three laser light violinists, the atmosphere of the performance, the event as well as the people watching the show undoubtedly springs to life.

Types of Events that the Laser Violin Show can be Performed at:

This magnificent laser violin show has been performed at numerous of type of events. 

The laser light violin show has been performed at award ceremonies – corporate events – private events – product launches and exhibitions.

The violin show can last from anything between 5 to 10 minutes long.

The show can either be performed indoors or outdoors but it is much better visually being formed indoors.

Technical Requirements:
– a totally dark room will give a best visual effect to the show
– a sound system to play show music
– a smoke machine

For more information about the laser light violin show please contact

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