Mirror Costume Dance Performers

Mirror Costume Dance Performers

What are mirror costume dance performers?

Would entertainers with mirror costumes be a spectacle at your event?

Dancers or entertainers with mirror costumes have certainly become a spectacle at many events whether it be corporate events, private events or even exhibitions and conferences.


These mirror costume dance performers attract absolutely any type of crowd, audience or age group whether they are walking through an audience or performing live on stage. The mirror costume dance performers have the ability to do walkabout entertainment or live choreographed performances.


Presence of Costumes & Interaction

Whether an event is indoors or outdoors the mirror costume dancers have the incredible ability to turn heads and create special picture moments for people who like to take pictures with them.

At different events these mirror costume dance performers have either walked through a crowd in a line in a synchronised format or have wondered individually amongst conference attendees where they have either acted as surprise entertainment or mingled with people.

In an environment where light is shone onto the mirror costume dance performers outfits the light is reflected and as you can imagine creates an amazing light spectacle all around the room.


Choreographed Shows

What these mirror costume dance performers specialise in is their choreographed dance shows. They can perform choreographed and shows as a duo or in a group of up to 6 dancers.

The mirror costume performers choreographed routines can be coordinated and choreographed according to a certain type of music or their show prepared for a certain type of audience.

Their dance moves and this type of performance performed in mirror costumes has created a buzz not only with live performances but also on viral videos or music videos.

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