Dance Entertainers with TV Heads

TV Dancers

What exactly are dance entertainers with TV heads?

Have you ever seen dancers with TVs on their heads?

It might look very strange or be a weird experience if you see somebody with a TV is passing by you at an event or an exhibition. The way these dancers with TVs on their heads perform and interact with audiences at any type of event is something special.


The TVs that they wear on their head display an image on the front of them but the dancers can see right through the image from inside the costume or the TV head which enables them to see perfectly and are able to walk, dance or wonder about any venue without any problems.


Totally Mobile

The dance entertainers with TV heads are totally mobile which means that there are no cables that are connected to the TV’s. These TV dance head entertainers are so mobile that they have even performed at a variety of locations including in a Boeing 737, on top of a mountain, at a private pool party and also wandering around a variety of exhibition halls.

Dance entertainers with TV heads can either perform as solo entertainers or as a group of dancers performing a choreographed dance routine whether it be walkabout entertainment or onstage entertainment.


Types Of Events

The types of events that the dance entertainers with TV heads have performed at over the years vary from festivals, private parties to bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs as well as conferences, cocktail parties, birthday parties, wedding celebrations and launch parties of products and brand awareness campaigns.

Should there be a specific image or product or picture that a client with light displayed on the TV screens this is also a possibility and offers a brand or marketing opportunity for any brand awareness or promotional campaigns.



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