Sensational LED DRUMMING Entertainer

Sensational LED Drumming Entertainer

Is it a sensational LED DRUMMING entertainer that you are looking for?

Do you need an LED entertainment show for your event?

This sensational LED DRUMMING entertainer has some incredible talents not only when it comes to percussion but also when it comes to the creation of LED projection and animation of graphics that are triggered off by the actual drums that he plays with.



How this specialised LED Drum show works is pretty simple when you look at the set-up, but, the background technical details are very intricate and really what makes sensational LED DRUMMING entertainers show even more spectacular.

The different types of events that this sensational LED DRUMMING entertainer has performed at has included corporate events in Asia, private events in Europe and awards ceremonies in resorts such as Thailand and Macau.

Magical Light Displays

The drum or percussion setup has inside of them their own LED lighting and this LED lighting can be set to stay the same colour or alternatively change colours during a specific performance. When it comes to triggering off effects whilst performing there is a specialised program that is set up on the computer and every single percussion note that is struck triggers off an effect on the LED screen whether it is in the background or on a projection screen that can be in a different location to the actual sensational LED DRUMMING entertainer.

The animation of the triggering off of effects on pictures, logos or graphics by the percussion notes that are played by the drummer really gives this sensational LED DRUMMING entertainer an incredible show.

Specification for Events

Graphics, images or logos can be animated in a specific way prior to an event or performance. Any type of logo, branding, images or product can be animated in a special way in that every single time the drummer hits a beat a certain part of a letter or an image can be animated or triggered off for example, 1 drum can be a letter and also a certain sound and when several drums are hit they will form several different sounds and produce animations that can be projected onto the back screen.

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