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Extreme BMX Show For Events

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Globe of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show

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Entertainers For Brand Awareness Promotions

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Hip Hop Breakdancers in Coca Cola Just Dance Commercial


Slackliners Perform for Live TV Show

Some of UK’s most recognised slack liners are soon to appear on the children’s live Tv show “The Slammer” [...]

Rugby Freestyler performs at Networking Lunch Event

A rugby network lunch attended by speaker Warren Gatland was slightly livened up by one of Europe’s [...]

The Art of Escapology Entertainers

This article Courtesy of Bryn Young-Roberts http://blog.thesafeshop.co.uk/index.php/2013/10/the-art-of-escapology/ Struggling to escape handcuffs, locks and chains whilst dangling [...]

Entertainment Shows & Entertainers for Events in Berlin Germany

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Trickers Breakdancers & Street Dancers in Music Video

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Shopping Mall Entertainment in Cairo Egypt

  Walk about and wondering entertainment acts and shows were the highlight of the newly [...]

Sign Spinners-Mazda car Launch in UK

Sign spinners slowly growing in popularity when it comes to street promotional campaigns, guerrilla marketing [...]

Extreme Mountain Bike Trial Stunt Rider

Check out this incredible stunt trial bike rider who has featured on Red Bull point [...]

Still Human Statues For Events

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Urban Sports Basketball Entertainer

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Female Soccer Freestyler

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Urban Underground Street Ballet

Check put where Ballet has been seen recently. The ever so dainty and classy style [...]

Street Dancers in London

Check out these street dancing buskers in London’s Trafalgar Square. Doing what they do best [...]