Still Human Statues For Events

Human Statue in Covent Garden

Could a still human statue entertain at an event?

Looking for a street living statue to interact with guests at a motorshow or exhibition?

Do any street human statues levitate or float?

Human Statue in Covent Garden
Human Statue in Covent Garden

Human still statues or otherwise known at living statues are often seen on major walkways or streets around the world but are also known to be used for entertainment as part of street promotions, corporate events and exhibitions.


Interaction of Living Statues at Exhibitions

Only certain types of living human statues are known to interact with guest either on the street or at an entrance to an event. The interaction of a human statue creates more of a buzz on any occasion.

Levitating & Floating Statues – The latest in thing!!!

Street human statues have taken their standing still abilities to higher heights and instead of just standing around they’ve transformed their costumes and setups to be literally …..just hanging about!!!
Their illusional setup usually consisting of a pretty string metal frame gets people to stop and and wonder……..what the heck is going on???

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