5 CELEBRATION event entertainment ideas for 2022

Can you think of 5 celebration event entertainment ideas for 2022?

How are you likely to celebrate 2022, once the world is back to normal again?

We all want the world to go back to some sort of normality after this pandemic, this is why Streets United is planning for the future. Below are 5 celebration event entertainment ideas for 2022 that will be sure to entertain the crowds.


What makes a beatboxer stand out from the rest? By artistically using their mouth, lips, tongue and voice they can produce sounds that you would never have heard before. The beatboxers that Streets United can provide are talented, professional artists who won’t disappoint. They can beat to a tune or have their own unique sequence in which they showcase their beat boxing ranges.

Lights, camera, action

When you think of a celebration, you think of all the glitz and glamour at an event. An LED act of any kind will bring your event to life. You’ll have multi-coloured arrays of light displayed in many forms for entertainment.

Football entertainment with a twist

If you think football freestylers are amazing you should see the salsa football duo dancers. They will literally dance circles around you whilst entertaining you all night.

Candyfloss Entertainer

Who doesn’t enjoy sweet treats to celebrate with? This one of a kind electryfying FOOD entertainer will dazzle you with his moves as he spins his candy floss and dancers to any genre you like.

Creative Scissors Artist

How do you want people to remember you wedding day? With a creative scissors artist of course! This entertainer will cut silhouette portraits of your guests in a flash. Now how’s that for different?!

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