5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events

5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events

What 5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events are available?

How can music enhance your event entertainment?

There are numerous ideas for music events, but in this article are 5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events. Music is a common denominator in whatever part of the world you’re in and brings people together. From calm soothing music to head banging tunes, there is something out there for everyone. Music festivals have become very popular over the years and thousands if not millions of people attend each year.

Mobile Piano Ballet Dancer for events

This fresh music entertainment act that draws in a crowd and is usually done at any type of event as entertainment. The show consists of a ballerina eloquently dancing to the serenity of the pianist’s tune whilst on top of a platform mounted on the piano. The diversity of this act means the piano and artists can be coloured or costumed according to your event theme.

5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events
Mobile dancing ballerina

LED Light Percussion Entertainment

This involves a duo or group of musical entertainers playing any type of percussion instrument. Done in a dark environment, this act plays a piece and their instruments light up each time they are hit. This act draws in a crowd with their bright lights, musical talent and first-class show.

Laser Music Entertainment ideas for events

A great music entertainment idea for your next event is having a laser violinist perform. He/she dresses in a plain white outfit whilst laser beams are omitted from the violin when it is played creating a spectacle of colour and action at your event.

5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events
Laser Violinist

Environmentally Friendly Music Entertainment

There are a number of natural, recyclable instruments that can be part of an eco-friendly band. All instruments are either from the streets or from inside recycling bins. These include instruments such as steel wash basins, plastic bins, buckets and crates. It’s amazing what can be created from such objects and well as sounds produced by these too and because of the different shapes and sizes of these, musical sounds are endless.

Suspended Drumming Duo

This is such a unique act and is a great entertainment please for any crowd. In this performance there is a suspension of this duo in the air whilst standing up playing a set of drums which omit laser lights whenever hit. The act requires discipline and stability to be able to carry out this type of act to put on a great musical show.

5 FRESH music entertainment ideas for events
Drumming Act

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