Airbrushing is a simple technique that can bring some fresh air to art. The technique is simple, but of course, there has to be some artistic vision behind it. It only takes spraying paint on an object, on paper or on any piece of artwork, but one must also have some talent and experience in these areas.

For example, let’s take a look at what an artist can accomplish with airbrushing. Ramon Bruin is an artist from the Netherlands who actually went to school to study airbrushing and he developed quite a taste for it. He started to apply the technique across various materials and objects: drawings, paintings, objects.

He has become most famous for his 3D drawings and it leaves us with this thought in mind: isn’t it amazing that in this age, in which digital art keeps flourishing and artists rely more and more on computer programs to create, that pencil-based at can be fresh as well as awesome?

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