Airport FLASH Mob Specialist Entertainment

Sports Flashmob performers

Have you considered having airport FLASH mob specialist entertainment?

Are you hosting a product launch in an airport or just want to attract travellers to your shop?

If you find it difficult to attract customers to your airport shop or want to launch a product in a place which naturally has big numbers of people, then Streets United has the perfect entertainment option for you! Streets United can provide you with airport FLASH mob specialist entertainment for an event of your choice which will undoubtedly catch the attention and interest of everyone present!

What happens?

Depending on the scale of your event and on your requirements for the entertainment, the airport FLASH mob specialist entertainment can comprise between 10 to 100 artists. The artist can either be sports entertainers, doing tricks with footballs such as backflips and standing on top of them, or dance entertainers who will also use the football and suitcases as a prop for their dance moves.

These sudden and unexpected tricks and dance moves will make travellers stop in their tracks and get their phones out to capture the moment. You’re not only promoting your brand and/or product to them but also to everyone who watches their videos! Each performance lasts between five to ten minutes and it is specifically choreographed to suit your event or promotion.

Location of the event

This entertainment option can be performed anywhere inside or outside an airport, however, the airport FLASH mob specialist entertainment requires a minimum space of 10m x 10m so that all the entertainments can perform their part and not be constrained by the lack of space.

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