AMAZING Drumming LED Stage Performers

Light DRUM Performers

Have you ever witnessed amazing drumming LED stage performers ?

Did you know that drums are able to light up when they are being played by these percussionists?

With the ever popular increasing requests for LED light entertainment this group of specialist percussionist have come up with some incredible stage performances where the drums have special LED lights on them and light up whilst they are playing their performances on stage or at an entrance to any special event. Their drum performances can be performed from between two people right up to a large group of 6 or 8 specialist percussionists.


Choreography LIGHT suits to Music

These ever bubbly and professional LED drum entertainers also wear some specialised LED lights suits whilst they are playing their LED drums and these light suits can also be choreographed specifically to the percussion performances. When they play a certain song or track all the beats are timed accordingly to the beat so that it looks like on every beat the LED drums and the LED suits light up accordingly.

There is also a possibility of including a brand logo into their performances so that it appears when the LED suits are lit up or when the LED drums are being played.



Different Types of Events

 As you can imagine there have been a wide variety of events that these world class amazing drumming LED stage performers have entertained at. These events include corporate business party events, private engagement events, wedding ceremony events and company incentive award events that have taken place worldwide.

The LED drum or percussion performances have also been enjoyed at conferences and exhibitions in different countries including Singapore, India, Qatar, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia just to name a few. For more information about these amazing drumming LED stage performers please contact.

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