Art Themed Parade Entertainers for Events in Saudi Arabia

Are you after art themed parade entertainers for events in Saudi Arabia?
Would you like some parade performers for your event in Jeddah or Riyadh?

As one of the largest suppliers of entertainment to Saudi Arabian events we at Streets United have been organising event entertainment in the region since 2008, supplying variety of events with parade entertainers, street and stage performers for various types of events. Our art themed parade performers for events in Saudi Arabia have been renowned for entertaining audiences around the world at different types of festivals, outdoor events, exhibitions, national day celebrations, various gatherings and university events.

Real ART Themed Entertainers for Special events in SAUDI ARABIA

Costumes Styles

These highly specialised art themed entertainers for events in Saudi Arabia have a very unique characteristics about them in that their costumes are totally created from scratch and attract any watching audience simply by their facial and body expressions, not to mention the assistance of their beautifully designed costumes. Art Parade entertainers for events in Saudi Arabia usually come in a group of 5 but they can also entertain at various parades or crowd gatherings in a smaller number of 3 performers.

Saudi Arabian Events – Art Themed Entertainment

If you’d like our specialised art themed entertainment performers to be dressed in a specific way this is also possible!

Parade Entertainers for events in SAUDI ARABIA

Visual Movement

The artistic performers move along at the event or festival  in unison and synchronisation, sometimes they make sounds or gestures with their arms in the flamboyant costumes.

The group or parade performers attract so much attention that they can be heard by watching audiences from over 500m away.

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