Ballerina MOBILE Piano ENTERTAINER for Events

Spectacular Ballerina Mobile Piano Entertainment

How would you like a ballerina mobile piano entertainer for events performing at your next function?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a musical entertainer at your next event?

It would literally be music to your ears and amazement in your gaze to have this ballerina mobile piano entertainer for events performing for you.

Event Type

This entertainment act is usually done in a show parade format whether it be in the centre of a big town or at any outdoor or indoor event. The show consists of a ballerina eloquently dancing to the serenity of the pianist’s tune whilst on top of a platform mounted on the piano.

It is a unique and peaceful bit of event entertainment that really draws in the crowd. The diversity of this act means the piano and artists can be coloured or costumed according to your event theme. This allows the act to fit into any themed event you may have.

Mobile piano ballerina entertainment
Mobile piano ballerina entertainment

Event Location

This entertainment act has been performing at various locations from outdoor to indoor events around the world. The great advantage of having a mobile piano is that it can be rolled over smooth surfaces as well as over cobblestone streets.

Performing ballerina on riverbank
Performing ballerina on riverbank

Where will you find this entertainment act

The act has managed to perform in city centres and at festivals or large outdoor events. At such events as large crowds are present, security will be needed to control the perimeter around the performance area. This act will go well with a peaceful setting such as by a riverbank or restaurant.

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