Balloon arch decoration for Shop OPENINGs in London

Balloon arch decoration for Shop OPENINGs in London

What kind of balloon arch decoration for shop openings in London do you think are on offer these days?

How does balloon decoration work for parties and events?

If it’s clients you’re after, then you will definitely capture their attention by having a balloon arch right across your door. Streets United can provide balloon arch decoration for shop openings in London.

Styles of Balloon Arches

Depending on the size of your shop, a balloon arch can be customisable to suit your needs.A balloon arch is normally made from quads of different size balloons all piled one on top of the other forming an arch design.The arch can be made by using a stand or it can just take the shape of an arch when it is artistically positioned to form a freestanding display which requires a weight on each end of the arch so it doesn’t blow away. The balloon arches are designed using specific colours in mind normally to match the shop decor.

Accessorising the balloon arch

Balloon arches are customised to include any type of accessory that suits the specific design. The balloon artist will provide you with any options they have in order to suit your shop. Some accessories include flowers placed in between the balloons or even modelling balloons which show up as curls along the arch making a unique visually pleasing arch that will attract potential customers to your shop.

Pearl & gold shop opening arch

The above is just a handful of balloon decoration ideas that Streets United can provide. If you have any further questions or requests regarding balloon arch decoration for shop openings in London, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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