Barry McGee and street artwork

The world of creative people is based on collaboration, be it among artists themselves or among artists, benefactors, sponsors, commissioners, media outlets etc. This principle also applies to unconventional artworks, for example graffiti. Who gets to benefit most from this collaboration? The public, of course, because they become more knowledgeable of what street arts can do to their urban environment.

One recent example is the commissioning of graffiti artist, Barry McGee by the car-making company Cadillac and media outlet Vanity Fair to take part in the project Art In The Streets 2012. The outcome is a showcase of McGee’s graffiti work exhibited on the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn.

Praise for the artist, making of the mural footage and how Barry McGee is that kind of street artist that challenges and ultimately changes the art landscape and everybody’s views upon it, in the video below. Enjoy!


Barry McGee’s Brooklyn Mural from Jason Schmidt on Vimeo.

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