Basketball Freestylers Show

Looking for a Basketball Freestylers Show?

Why hire our basketball freestylers?

Freestyle Basketball Entertainment show

One of Europe’s talented basketball freestylers showing off their skills and moves on the stages and TV screens around the world.
Basketball freestyle entertainment can be performed at any event, stage show, marketing campaign, launch or for any music video.
Basketball freestyle shows can be performed by a solo basketball freestyler or by a group of basketball freestyle entertainers.

About the UK Basketball Duo Entertainers

– One of them is known as the fastest freestyler on earth
– Performed at Cisco LIVE Event in London
– NEW ERA store Launch – London
– BBC Your Game Tour
– I360 head gear Promotion Germany
– Featured on MTV Lick with Nelson
– Children in NEED featured performance

Technical  requirements

For a basketball duo act or show, freestylers usually require:
Minimum space of: 2m(L) x 2m(W) x 2,5m(H)
Flooring: A flat, non-slippery surface.
Music: A sound system to play any show music, if music is allowed.
Basketball freestylers usually supply their own ball to perform with.

For more info contact:
(+44) 208 133 0249

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