What is Beatboxing entertainment?

Are there any female beatboxing shows?

Can beatboxers provide beatbox workshops?

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Beatboxing entertainment has been around for many years. Human beatboxing is synonymous with modern hip-hop culture, which is commonly believed to have started in the American street corners, in places like Chicago, L.A. and The projects – five boroughs within New York City (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island). But beatboxing has been around for many decades, originating from the era of jazz, blues and swing. Beatboxing is an international art form, with influences from parts of Europe such as France, Asia (China) and Scotland. 

What is Beatboxing ?

Beatboxing is a form of vocal performing art, where beatbox entertainers create different sounds using their mouths, lips, tongue, voice and sometimes parts of their bodies. Beatboxer performers can mimic drumbeats, snare sounds and some even reach some hi-pitched sounds including various instrumental sounds.
Professional beatboxers performing live can sometimes create sound mixes as if a DJ is scratching on record decks or a record is skipping.

Beatbox performers have the ability to entertain audiences for short 5 minutes intense shows up to 45 minutes long staged shows. The longer performances by beatboxers can be performed using different instruments including a loop stations, wind pipes & rachets.
To see a composition of live beatboxing in action watch his video:

Is beatboxing done as a one man show or as a group?

Beatbox shows can be performed by a solo beatboxer, in a duo or a larger bespoke group of beatboxers that could be formed into a flash mob of beatboxers.

Live beatbox shows can be choreographed or improvised according to the event. Some beatboxers can perform with or without a microphone, but if beatboxers are performing in large spaces to a large audience, then a microphone and suitable sound amplification system is definitely recommended in order to enhance sounds.

Are there any female beatboxing shows?

There are a handful of very highly respected female beatboxers that perform live shows and also perform as part of bands.

Some female beatbox entertainers have played in front of audiences as large as 15,000 people and others female beatboxers have formed groups that perform at more formal and corporate events.

Where can beatboxing be performed?

Beatbox shows can vary and some can be full of surprises. Beatboxing can be performed to small and large audiences and it is appreciated by all ages and cultures.

Beatbox shows can be performed at festivals and concerts, live events, corporate dinners and events, conferences, product launches, charity events, store openings, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, school event days, as part of any live stage show, TV programmes, commercials, movies, motor shows or shopping centre activations. Beatbox beats can be provided alongside or assist other artists in their performances like providing beats for a breakdancer to perform to, or a beatboxer can challenge any DJ in mixing beats. Watch this video for a more detailed description:

Can beatboxers provide beatbox workshops?
Beatbox workshops can be provided or given at any event or function, to children of all ages even as young as 2 or 3, or to adults within any culture.
Beatbox try-out sessions can even take place at very posh or formal corporate events and is often a great interactive activity especially when corporate companies staff witness their CEO or manager attempting to do a few simple beatbox beats.

Anyone can try having a go at beatboxing with professional beatboxers by learning some simple sounds and beats and then combining them to make a few rhythmic beats.

Even audiences at large festivals can be guided into learning a few beats under the direction of the professional beatboxer on stage.

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