Beatboxers for Store Launches

Looking to liven up your promotional events with modern and hip entertainment?
Are beatboxers for store launches just the right thing that you need?

What is Beatboxing? 

Beatboxing the new talent that seems to be taking the world by storm. It is a form of vocal percussion involving mimicking the sound of instruments. A lively way to grasp any individual’s attention to get your message across to any audience, young and old in a fun, different amusing way. Our female beatboxers often interact with the crowd during performances and are well known for making them smile on the streets of Liverpool and Manchester.

Creating Attention with Beatboxing

Our beatboxers for store launches are known to steal your attention right away. We bring to you a new spin on the average music making methods with our group of professional beatboxers ready and eager to give the crowd a show stopping, engaging performance. They have taken over much the streets of Liverpool and Manchester by storm with their extraordinary talents. This group of selected individuals take instore marketing to a whole new distinctive level bringing a natural flare to shop events which is crucial to make your event pop in this new digital age of entertainment.

Our beatboxing professionals for store launches are available to perform at any event, store launch and shop promotions to wow the crowd with their astonishing skills. Widely known across the UK, our entertainers have performed at store launch events in cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow to name a few. From stages and street parties to any corporate event, our group of talented beatboxers aim to energize giving a fun, different experience to  your launch parties and events and engaging  the audience with their rhythm and beats.

Don’t miss out this hip and vibrant entertainment option for your promotional events! Contact us now for bookings and for futher details of our beatboxers for store launches at

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