What is BMX Entertainment ?

BMX is one of the very few street sports to feature in the Olympic Games as an Olympic racing sport.
BMX stands for Bicycle Motorcross and is a form of street cycling that involves doing freestyle flatland tricks, racing, street or BMX course riding, half pipe or ramp-ing and extreme jump ramp tricking.

The main types of BMX entertainment is BMX flatlanding, BMX street riding and jump ramp or half pipe BMX displays.

Having the right bike is most important as there are different types of BMX bikes – True BMX bikes, freestyle and jump BMX bike’s.  The type of bike used depends on the type of BMX street sport being performed.

BMX Flatland Entertainment

BMX flatlanding is known as one of the most entertaining BMX art forms. Flatland is when a BMX rider performs a series of tricks often involving 1 & 2 wheel balances, flips, spins and jump manoeuvres. BMX flatland performers do not need any additional props to put on a show, only their bike, a flat non-slippery surface and a minimum space of 5m x 5m.

BMX Street Riding Entertainers

This is another form of BMX street sport and is more technically advanced than BMX flatlanding, in terms of jumps and move tricks. BMX street riders perform various tricks such as jumps in the air, spins, flips, twists and turns, using street objects like railings, steps, low-rise walls, bollards, pillars, fencing, barriers, ramps and dustbins to jump over, slide on, jump off or perform tricks on top of.

 BMX Jump ramp Entertainers

This form of BMX comprises a variety of moves, such as front and back flips, extreme stunts, grabs, 360 and 720 rotations. BMX ramp jumpers use a jump box, which helps propel them into the air, performing the moves at enormous heights. BMX jump ramp performers are extremely entertaining and generate a lot of attention for people of all ages, especially in public places.

 BMX Half Pipe Entertainers

These BMX performers use a built ramp to perform combinations of air tricks and manoeuvres. The BMX half pipe riders perform a series of jumps, which can also involve 2-4 BMX riders doing tricks at the same time on the half pipe. This BMX entertainment is probably seen as one of the most daring and has a higher wow factor than other BMX art forms.

 Are BMX shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

BMX flatland shows and BMX street riding shows can be performed by a solo BMX artist, as a duo or in a choreographed, coordinated and synchronized group of 4-6 riders, as well as in a flash mob style stunt.

BMX ramp jump or half pipe shows can also be performed by a solo BMX rider or by a duo, but if performed by a group of 4+ riders, the BMX show or BMX performance is much more entertaining. Each of the sports can be choreographed and synchronized to showcase the range of skills. Here is a video for some BMX tricks done in synchronization. 

Female BMX Riders

In a sport that is dominated by male artists, performers, entertainers and riders, there is a small female community that are BMX performers and entertainers in the various BMX disciplines. Female BMX entertainers are not as wide spread as male BMX entertainers, but around the world there are a handful of semi and professional female BMX entertainers and BMX performers that do live performances on stage or demonstrations on dedicated ramps and skate parks settings.

Where can BMX shows be performed?

All three BMX shows or art forms can be performed at a range of events including – live demonstrations, guerrilla marketing campaigns, stage shows, street & in store promotions, live events, school demonstration and sport club days, road and motor shows, exhibitions, festivals, charity events, stunts, movies, music videos or TV commercials,  product launches, stage shows and corporate events.

Can BMX workshops be given at events?

Each BMX art form can have its own workshop which can be given alongside, before or after BMX entertainment shows / performances or demonstrations.

For BMX ramp jumping, some smaller jumps and ramps can also be provided for people to try out a few basic jumps.

BMX workshops can be given to children who are confidently stable on a bike, right through to adults who have never ridden a BMX before.

What surfaces can BMX shows be performed on?

BMX flatlanding performances

Can only be performed on “dry” flat surfaces in spacious environments. BMX flatlanding can be done in parks and recreation grounds. It can also be performed indoors or outdoors on surfaces such as basketball courts and smooth wooden flooring surfaces. Carpeted surfaces and grass will not work for a BMX flatlander. 

BMX Street riders

Because of the range of street objects used and the technicality involved, it is recommended for BMX street shows to only be performed outdoors or on dedicated street courses.

BMX street riders can ride or demonstrate their tricks anywhere, usually using stair cases, concrete blocks and various obstacles inside or outside skate parks to perform their skills.

BMX Ramp Jumpers

BMX ramp jumpers perform on specially built ramps made from wood. The jump ramps can be small, medium sized or large, all depending on the type of show required.

Then there is of course the half pipe which is a much larger wooden structure to set up and construct.

The larger the ramp is, the higher the riders jump and the most extravagant and extreme the BMX staged or live show is.


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