Body Painting For Promotional Events

Football Team Euros body painting

Are you looking for professional Body Painting for Promotional Events?

Would painted bodies draw attention to your promotion?

Euro Country Body Painting
Euro Country Body Painting

Here are some tips and advice in having some interactive bodies painted for any type of promotion or marketing campaign.

If it is a branded body painted people that you are after for a particular campaign or street promotional event or simply some creative body painting that is needed for a promotional video for a corporate event then we have got just the answer for you.

Body painting can also be perfect for Euro football championship games where people can be painted in the colours of football teams.

The Olympic Games is also a perfect occasion for promotional staff to have their bodies painted in the colours of the countries that will be taking part in the Olympic Games.

What is all the buzz about in Body Painting For Promotional Events?

Not many people are used to seeing flesh that is being creatively painted over. Having skin painted on creativity simply gives that visual illusion that makes people take a double take on the creatively painted body.

If bodies are painted on with a certain logo or a certain team or country’s colors for a particular themed event then it gives that extra buzz about the event and also the promotion.


The types of creative body paintwork – For Events

Body painting for promotional events can take place in different ways shapes and forms. The face only can be painted a certain color for that particular promotion or alternatively a part of a body.

The upper part of the torso of the body can be painted for a promotional campaign with the colours of the campaign or the colours of a sporting team or country.
Alternatively body painting for promotional events can also only take place on the lower part of the body.
To create an absolutely flabbergasting impression on people the best way to attract any attention or grab those extra eyes is by painting the whole body of a model of a promotional staff.


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