Bow & SHARP Arrow Acrobat Entertainer for Events

Bow and arrow SHOW

What would it be like to experience a bow & sharp arrow acrobat entertainer for events?

Do you require an extraordinary entertainer for your event to wow your audience?

Normally trying to hold and fire an arrow from a bow is hard is enough but being able to do this upside-down with your legs is an amazing bit of entertainment to watch. This acrobatic contortionist is known to entertain any type of audience and keep them wanting more each time.

Event Type

This bow & sharp arrow acrobat entertainer can put on a show of pure accuracy and strength hitting the target every time. This acrobat is an all in one contortionist and performer who is so elasticated in her moves that you won’t believe they are possible until you see them.

Acrobatic contortionist for events
Acrobatic contortionist for events

What does the show consist of?

The performer has colour themed costume options available to suit your event. The performer uses amazing backdrops to display her talent and these prop just enhances the show even more. The normal show time for this entertainer is between 5 to 8 minutes. During this time the sheer skill and precision of the performer is displayed.

Theme coloured outfits for bow & arrow act
Theme coloured outfits for bow & arrow act

Event Location

This bow & sharp arrow acrobat entertainer for events can perform at any location that has enough space to accommodate the entertainment. This show requires a space that is 2m x 2m and 2m x 10m for the bow and arrow part of the show. Be sure not to stand too close to the entertainer when she is performing, but you don’t have to worry as she is known to be right on target all the time.

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