Breakdancers for Store Launch Events

Do you require some edgy entertaining breakdancers for store launch events?
How can I liven up my launch events and advertising?

Breaking It Down

Luckily, here at Streets United Event Entertainment we have all the answers you need to those questions with our diverse group of breakdancers for store launch events. Whether it is for your brand promotions, marketing campaigns, guerrilla street marketing or pop-up store promotion, our group of entertainers do justice to any performance and are sure to astound, amaze and astonish your target audience bringing in an excessive amount of people to any street promotion events thus getting your brand across in the most entertaining, effective way possible.

Creating Positive Attention through Breakdancing

Perfect for any marketing campaign and brand building shown by many displays in Leeds UK and well-known on the streets of Scotland, our performers have endorsed many popular products, from energy drinks in Newcastle, UK and retail fashion outlets in London UK. Whilst engaging the crowds and giving store owners a new modern take on the ways of advertising and branding, thus bringing in an excessive amount of crowds who cannot help but marvel at the display present in front of them, grasping their attention from the first dance move all the way to the last, our breakdancers are ideal entertainment option for street promotions and store launch events.

These experienced performers are often known to turn heads on the streets of Manchester, UK and so many more cities they go to. They bring on a light form of entertainment engrossing people in the big cities like London UK making many people smile and wonder at the unique dance moves and styles. Many people from audience in Wales, UK even broke it down with the breakdancers increasing the experience and fulfilling everyone with glee and merriness.

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