BUSINESSMEN Stilt walking PARADE Entertainers for Shopping Malls

Would you like some businessmen stilt walking parade entertainers for shopping malls at the launch of your next shop?

How do entertainers with bright coloured suits and tall businessmen sound to you?

If you’re looking for some comical characters to feature at your next shopping mall event, you are in luck they have arrived at Streets United. These businessmen stilt walking parade entertainers for shopping malls have a reputation of adding a splash of colour to any shopping mall they perform at. These entertainers will cause heads to turn as they literally stand out from miles away.

Stilt-walking entertainer at shopping mall
Stilt-walking entertainer at shopping mall

Event Type

At an event these stilt walking businessmen can have between 3 to 5 performers at a time. Their walkabout sets can be between 20 to 40 minutes in length depending on how big the mall is and what sort of interaction you wish them to have with the shoppers.

What else can these entertainers do?

If required, they can perform short dance acts whilst interacting and walking around the mall. They can be entertainers for kids and hand out balloons to passers-by and have photos taken with them too. These stilt-walkers have accessories such as hats to match their suits. They also wear sunglasses making them look like cool, sophisticated businessmen.

Event Location

Businessmen don’t just have to attend meetings as these entertainers just spend their time roaming around different shopping malls. As long as there is enough room to get their heads through the doors they will be fine. These stilt-walking businessmen entertainers can perform their parade walking on any type of surface in a mall.

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