Candy Floss Machine Event Entertainment

Michael Jackson Candy Floss Dancer

Have you ever heard of Candy Floss Machine entertainment?

Do you want to hear some innovative ideas for entertainment?

Hopefully you will find some new ideas about how to entertain future guests.


A CANDY Floss maker or COTTON CANDY maker with Michael Jackson moonwalk skills is certainly what this specialty entertainer has in his shoes.
With his specially designed lit up candy floss making machine this CANDY FLOSS entertainer to the beat of some Michael Jackson tunes begins to spin candy on a stick whilst dancing away from the candy floss machine.
Whilst dancing away from the candy floss machine the piece of candy creates a candy trail in the air which is probably one of the main attractions of having your candy floss made by him

A variety of SHAPES of candy floss can be made, whilst this candy man ENTERTAINER is doing his thing

The Michael Jackson candy floss entertainer has performed at a variety of events including shopping mall activations – street festivals – charity balls, children’s parties – corporate dinners – private events and product launches.

– A minimum space of 2m x 2m to set up machine & an interactive space of 4m x 4m to dance in
– A power supply
– The candy floss machine is brought with to any event
– What is required to be supplied are candy sticks
– Sugar

For more information about this COTTON CANDY entertainer please contact:

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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