Car Exhibition Live Promotional Staff

Exhibition Promo Staff

What are car exhibition live promotional staff?

What makes a car exhibition live promotional show spectacular?

Below is some brief information about car exhibition promotional staff.

What Are Car Live Exhibition Promotional Staff

When companies or organizations decide to hold events or to promote their goods and services they usually tend to hold an exhibition which they can use for their promotional activities and gain the attention of people.

To achieve this, companies hire individuals to carry out their promotional activities and market their service. These activities can be done in different places where brands can get close to the people and grab their attention.

Live promotional staff individuals that are hired are professional entertainers and are known as power risers or power bockers or bouncy stilt entertainers and make use of cars to do their performances during the exhibition.

How Do Car Live Exhibition Promotional Staff Perform And Organize Events

Car exhibition live promotional staff are also known as power risers or power bockers or bouncy stilt entertainers. They help companies promote their business in various ways such as attracting visitors to their stands, giving out flyers and pamphlets that have information about the company to visitors and generally letting people know about the company’s business activities.

Their performance involves creating attention by using elastic-like spring-loaded stilts to consistently leap, jump and somersault using a car as part of the act. See pictures below:

Where can car live exhibition promotional staff perform

Car exhibition live promotional staff they can perform at charity events – sporting eventsmarketing campaigns – opening of stores corporate eventsproduct launches and lots more.

Technical Requirements

• Minimum space of 10m x 10m

• Smooth, non-slippery surface

Crowd protection barriers

For more information about car exhibition live promotional staff please contact

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Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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