Car STUNT and Projection Mapping ENTERTAINMENT

Car STUNT and Projection Mapping ENTERTAINMENT

Would you like to have car STUNT and projection mapping ENTERTAINMENT at your event?

Are you hosting a car launch and looking for entertainment that will wow your guests?

Your new car may be the star of the show, but good entertainment will make it stand out! Forget concerts or dance performances – if you are hosting a car event then the car STUNT and projection mapping ENTERTAINMENT is what you need! Streets United can provide you with this amazing entertainment where technology meets amazing stunts and a story is told!

How does it work?

During this incredible show, you can expect to see futuristic project mapping such as car parts coming together, car colours changing and even optical illusions that the car is moving! Extraordinary stunts like spectacular drifts turns and stuntmen standing on top of moving cars make up this show! Perfect for car exhibitions and launches, the performance usually starts with the projection mapping on the car before it is revealed to the public. As your car is unique, so should the entertainment be so the projection mapping programming experts design all the shows according to the brands or clients requirements. Following the revelation by project mapping, the experienced stuntmen show the car performance.

Duration and location of the event

The car STUNT and projection mapping ENTERTAINMENT can be at either an indoor or outdoor venue. This all depends on your preferences for the location of your event. When it comes to the duration of the show, it lasts between five to ten minutes, so it will be perfect as an opening and revelation show for your event!

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