Are you looking for creative musical entertainment ideas for an event using glass bottles?

What sounds or music can be produced using a glass bottle?

Can any one learn how to play music using a glass bottle?

Answers below will help  in getting you the best musical entertainment using glass bottles!!!Musical Bottle EntertainersA group of musicians have come up with a creative way to entertain the public by blowing into glass bottles filled with water to produce various sounds, pop songs and music for various types of audiences and at any type of event.

What sounds can be produced by the musical bottle entertainment group?A wide variety of modern and latest pop music. The group play standing up mostly as they are very animated at times interacting with the watching audience whether it be a stage show, a street marketing campaign, a product launch, a TV commercial, corporate event, exhibition, festival or a private dinner function. Their bottle musical entertainment is especially popular for any type of drink brand at any type of event, brand awareness activity or road show. The music played can be appreciated by all ages & cultures.

Can the watching audience learn to play a few notes using the glass bottles?Yes, the group of bottle musical performers can hold workshops for adults and children after any performance or show and teach some basic notes and techniques of blowing into the glass bottles. Technical rider informationNumber of artists: 4-5 playing Length of performances: Vary between 3-5min for 1 song and up to 15 min which will include 4-5 songs Minimum space required: 5m (W)  x 3m (L) x 3m(H) Sound: Their music can be amplified for better hearing quality, if an amplified sound system can not be provided with microphones a supply of the sound system equipment may incur extra charges.For more information about the musical bottle entertainers contact:Streets United t: (+44) 0208 133 0249 e: w: 

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