Creative natural artwork for HOME and GARDEN

Elephant Creative natural artwork

Are you looking to commission or buy creative national artwork for home or garden? 
Would you like a driftwood sculpture or a topiary hedge in the shape of an elephant or alternatively a portrait created with wine corks?

Driveway horse natural Artwork
Driveway horse natural Artwork

For something absolutely unique when it comes to creative natural artwork for home and garden Steets United represent some of the most incredible artists of natural artwork in the world.
 Have your creative natural artwork for home or gardens within 2 weeks or less depending upon what it is that you require to be created.

Different types of natural creative artwork

From a horse sculpted drift wood piece of art to a vintage car sculpted creation or alternatively a portrait from wine corks of a famous person or somebody in your family because absolutely any type of creative natural artwork is possible for your home or garden

The different types of art that can be created have usually a story line or a vision that is requested by the client. Our artists are able to put together the unique piece of artwork by either following a picture or having vision in their head before the creation begins. 

Horse Home Grass sculptures
Wine Bottle Cork artwork
Horse Stallion jumping artwork

Drift Wood Sculpting

For a driftwood piece of artwork for example a horse drift wood sculpted art work piece the artist usually takes between 2 to 8 weeks all dependent upon one exactly the client is requiring.

Hedge Sculpting 

For a hedge sculpting or TOPIARY piece of artwork the artist usually takes between 2 to 6 weeks all dependent upon how many pieces of hedges are due to be sculpted

Wine Cork Artwork

For a cork piece of artwork the artist usually takes between 8 to 16 weeks depending on what needs to be created.

Rearing Horse Grass sculptures

Previous types of commissioned work
The previous types of creative natural artwork for home or gardens that has been created for private homes, exhibitions and display cabinet. There have also been pieces of art created for sports clubs and as gifts for people.

Garden Grass topiary artwork
Wine cork artwork for your home

For more information regarding creative natural artwork for please contact

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