What is double dutch skipping entertainment?

Are double dutch skipping shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

Where can double dutch skipping shows be performed?

Can double dutch skipping entertainers provide workshops?

Answers to these questions and more are all below…….

What is Double Dutch Skipping ?

Double Dutch Skipping is a nationally recognized game where  2 people turn the ropes and one or more jumpers jump in the middle of two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions.

It is believed that English settlers gave it its name and since then Double Dutch Skipping has been a favourite pass time for all age groups, especially children. Before becoming widely recognised as a competitive sport, Double Dutch Skipping was a game played by children in school playgrounds.  Double Dutch Skipping soon became a recreational activity which spread to the sidewalks of New York and in urban areas. Now it is mostly performed to fast beat music, like hip hop and pop music.

 Double Dutch Skipping is very competitive, especially among youths. America hosts major competitions in Double Dutch Skipping including The holiday classic, where teams from all over the world compete, this is organised by the National Double Dutch league. The jumpers perform tricks which include gymnastics, break dancing, cartwheels and any fancy footwork or dance moves. Competitions are held at local, national and international levels. Some competitions focus on amount of steps in a given time, and others on the variety of tricks used.

Are double dutch skipping shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

The jumpers jump in simultaneously or, in some choreographed performances, Double Dutch Skippers jump in one after the other. The number of jumpers vary, but the minimum needed is three. Two to turn the ropes and one jumper. But for the best performance the street sport of Double Dutch Skipping can be performed by a minimum of 4 artists but shows are more lively and entertaining with 6+ jumpers or skippers.

Where can double dutch skipping shows be performed?

Double Dutch Skipping can be performed outdoors and in doors. It is mostly performed outdoors because of vast space needed  to prevent possible obstructions or hazards that may occur with anyone close by. It is widely performed in playgrounds and parks. In door events include theaters and shopping centers  Other events include, concerts and festivals, marketing campaigns and corporate events, exhibitions, music videos, school fun days, festive celebrations. Double Dutch skipping should always be performed on a level, smooth surface, as all body parts can be used to perform different tricks by the  jumpers. 

Can double dutch skipping entertainers provide workshops?

Double Dutch Skipping workshops can be given alongside any performance or demonstration.

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