Eco-friendly LIVE entertainment performers

Eco-friendly LIVE entertainment performers

How can eco-friendly live entertainment performance help in the events world?

Is going green easy to do in the entertainment industry?

In the current environment that we live in we all want to live a healthier better life. Eco-friendly live entertainment performance definitely help when trying to achieve this. By using eco-friendly and recycled products, entertainment performance will help the world go green that little bit faster. If all the entertainment agencies took pot in this eco-friendly advancement, then future generations will be able to continue the good work.

Environmentally friendly art

Hedge Sculpting

What better way to utilise the natural elements of art than by using a hedge. Sculptures made from plants are an instant eye catcher especially if it’s a life-size piece of art. Hedge sculpting is  known as topiary artwork and is created or made from natural plants. We do consider allergic reactions and therefore use the most eco-friendly artificial grass we can find. This type of live entertainment is incredible to see before your eyes.

Ice Sculpting for live entertainment

Water can be warm, cold or turned into ice. This is where the natural elements of live entertainment emerge. Ice Sculpting! Professionally made ice sculptures are an incredible talking point and a marvellous piece of art that can be created for any type of live event entertainment. Professional  ice sculpture artists have the ability and experience to sculpt absolutely anything. From a small ice cup to a huge tower or building, whatever your requirement, they will deliver!

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