Electric CAR stunt driver entertainment

Electric CAR stunt driver entertainment

What kind of Electric CAR stunt driver entertainment is available for events?

How can stunt car drivers impress their audience?

Electric car stunt driver entertainment is provided by streets united. Being a stuntman or stunt woman you are faced with many challenges. When it comes to car stunt drivers, it is a very risky business. Now that the world is ever changing, electric cars are increasing rapidly. This is why Streets United offer stunt drivers specifically for electric cars.

Stunt car drivers are always out to impress their audience by performing outrageous tricks whilst in or out of the car. They are known to keep people on the edge of their seats to put on a great show.

Electric Car Stunt Entertainment

There are numerous stunts that drivers perform and this can be as individuals or in groups. Some include standing on top of a car whilst it is driven around in circles. Another stunt involves hanging onto the side of a car when it is moving at a very high speed. A very risky stunt is when the driver of the car makes the car turn on it’s side so it’s on two wheels and drives over a long distance. Whilst the car is still moving, the driver then gets out of the car and stands upright on the side of the car. This is a stunt you won’t want to miss.

Parking an electric car rapidly

if you’ve ever had trouble parking you electric car these stunt drivers well make it look like a piece of cake. When pulling into a parallel parking space the stunt driver approaches at a rapid speed then turns the car in a 360 degree circle and parks it with ease.

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