Entertainers, Shows and PERFORMANCES for E-SPORT Events

Interested in entertainers, shows and performances for e-sport events?
Have you heard about the entertainers, shows and performances we have for e-sport events?

Here at Streets United Entertainment we are able to supply the worlds TOP rated and recognized entertainers to ANY e-sport event worldwide. From big London city events to huge stages in Paris France our entertainment is nothing short of amazing.

Different Types of Entertainment for Events

As you can imagine there have been a wide variety of events that these world class performers have entertained at all around the world from America to Africa. Our world record football tricksters take entertainment to its heights, wowing the crowds with their tricks done solely with footballs. These world record football tricksters without a doubt will liven up any e-sport event they are present at with their elite and impressive skills. The freestyle basketball entertainers present are no strangers to big e sport events worldwide and have taken much of Portugal and Dubai by storm with their unique basketball skills and tricks.

Extreme Entertainment for E-sport Events

If extreme entertainment is what you are searching for our marvelous BMX bike shows engage the crowds attention with their wild skills and are without a doubt able to have the crowds grasping to the ends on their seats. With this extreme entertainment in our mix we also have choreographed stunt performances by a group of well-trained professionals that have ample experience in many European countries such as the London UK as well as many other countries such as Malaysia, India and Qatar.

Don’t miss out on this life time experience. Contact us for more information about entertainers, shows and PERFORMANCES for E-SPORT events as well at

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